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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

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Good Morning CP Runners,
Meeting places for Monday 12th April,   Elmwood Farm:
Group A Sharon - meeting at BP Station 6.20pm
Group B Hayley - meeting at end of road after Elmwood farm entrance 6.25pm
Group C Paul - meeting at Greggs 6.30pm
Bridget's group - Greggs 6.30pm
See you tomorrow,


Please wear your High Viz running Buff and remember to stay 2 metres apart.



Wednesday 24th March 2021


Hello CP Runners,

Hope you are all well. 
As you are all aware we had to postpone our Moss Valley Madness 10k run last year and set the date for 19th September 2021.
Unfortunately, after speaking to the land owners about the run I was informed of a virulent tree disease, Ramorum, that is affecting two of the areas the run would go through. The disease is likened to the tree equivalent of foot and mouth disease we experienced years ago and is spread on the shoes, cycle wheels etc of people who go through these areas. All of this means that we do not have the permission of one of the land owners to stage our race. 
Paul, Lucie and I have had a Zoom meeting about this and we have all come to the conclusion that as a club, we cannot stage a race that would potentially spread the disease throughout the woods, knowing that the only treatment for this is to fell the affected trees. 
We would however like club runners to save the September 19th date because we are going to put on our own club run. The run will include 3 different distances so all runners will be able to take part. We will also provide refreshments after the run. Details about where we will meet for the run will be provided nearer the time. 
Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 31st March.
Take care, stay safe,
PS This video provides a useful explanation of Ramorum and the work that will have to be done in Eckington to eradicate the disease. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3FivPSamgo



Sunday 28th February 2021


Hello all CP Runners,
Our next challenge is going to take us through the month of March.
We are going to try and complete a distance throughout March,
by registering our walks/runs with Hayley.
Please sign up for a distance that you think is achievable for you.
Below are 7 distances to choose from:
20km = 12.5m
40km = 25m
50km = 31.1m
60km = 37.5m
80km = 50m
100km = 62.2m
120km = 74.6m
If you choose a distance but cover more miles, Hayley will continue to log them and at the end of the month let everyone know what they achieved.
Lighter nights and warmer weather will be a bonus.
I hope you all enjoy having something to aim for with this challenge.
Take care, stay safe,


Remember, when running with someone not in your household, stay 2m apart


 wear hi-viz if you're running after dark.